The Top 6 Reasons I am An Evernote Mom

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of technology. I am admittedly well-gadgetified. And because I have a device for all mobility, I spend much of my time on the Cloud. I live my life on Google Docs, Dropbox, and social media. But the cloud that I have my head in the most as a mom is Evernote. Here are the top reasons that Evernote keeps my home life organized:

1. School Memos. I have a child in elementary school. That means a whole lot of papers coming home, stuffed haphazardly in a backpack. Since I rarely have time in the walk-in-the-door chaos after work, I just take a picture of it and save it under the file for that child with a school tag. If I have to buy something for name that fundraiser or event, I go straight to my shopping list (see #4). Capturing all of the school info quickly is priceless, which leads me to…

2. Homework help. We get a spelling list every Friday to be studied for the following Friday’s spelling test. I snap a picture of it to add to my daughter’s file, and that way, I have her spelling list for our commute together, or when we are out and about. Much easier to study spelling when they see the word on a sign or recite the spelling from the backseat. Additionally, for other homework I can use Evernote’s Peek to quiz her on my iPad.

3. Home improvement. My house was built in the late 1800s. Let’s just say we are on a first name basis with most workers at Home Depot. When I am trying to plan the next project, I can make a list of what we need to get from the store, the measurements of that window to cover, or the comparison prices I found online. When I am at the store, I snap pictures of the item’s tag, which includes price, brand, specs, etc. Time saver.

4. Groceries on the go. From #3, you can see how this can help at the grocery store. I always have my list with me, since I always have my smartphone with me. And if my husband is taking the trip to the grocery store, I can email him the note for his phone.

5. Brainstorming. Blog ideas. Fundraising ideas for school and my other projects. Presentation ideas. Cool websites I wanted to include in another conversation. All of that, I use Evernote. It makes my “notes to myself” much more manageable. I can tag them six ways to Sunday, so that when I return to them, with whatever prompted me to find them again, I can find them.

6. Just plain notes. Notes from the presentation at NASPA I went to? Tagged. Notes from my last staff meeting? Tagged. Notes from that meeting with Barb about Girls on the Run? Tagged. It’s like a really awesome notebook that is cross-referenced.

I would love to hear about the ways that you use Evernote, or another organizational software, to make your life more manageable. I appreciate the order that Evernote brings to my permission slip, field trip money, pick that up at the store after work filled life.