Show me your achievement – and the knowledge will give me courage for mine. Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

nikiAbout This Blog
There is little more awe-inspiring to me than a skier capturing a gold medal, a craftsman building a wooden canoe by hand, or a writer pulling words together that makes you stop mid-sentence to appreciate it. I am fascinated by others’ strengths and talents, and I have discovered that my own is in helping others develop theirs. My fascination with ideas has spilled over into a career in education. I wish Learning had nutritional value, so that I could skip the meals and get back to the books. This blog is my reflection on the amazing things I observe and experience in higher education.

About Me
I work in Student Affairs. I love books (the actual physical items as well as what they contain). I dislike peas. I have an unhealthy obsession with crossword puzzles. I like to debate, not argue. I enjoy winter, not cold. And I can be found with an English Setter on my lap, not a wind-up dog.

The opinions in this blog are mine (with the occasional input from my six year old). The ramblings do not reflect the opinions of my employer, my family (minus the six year old), or anyone crazy enough to associate with me.

If you disagree (or agree) with anything I offer, please drop me a note. I would love to continue the conversation, since I am always looking for another opportunity to learn something.

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