Resolutions. No resolutions. One word. No one word. To each her own. For me, my #oneword formed in my head as I was planning my husband’s 40th birthday surprise party in the middle of December. I had never planned a surprise like that for my husband in the almost 20 years we have been together. Truly, birthdays had always been a pretty low-key affair in our house. It was nice to step it up this year.

Over the past few years, I have moved from the final stages of the dissertation (focusing on Next and Push) and transition into life after the dissertation (Curious). It has definitely been a curious year: defending my dissertation in January, completing my first year in my new role as Director of Student Affairs, and reading 42 books in the last 5 months. But this year, I wanted something more active, more proactive, rather than reflective. As I thought of the fun I had in trying something new with Brent’s 40th, as well as focusing on my professional development and my personal journey as a wife and mother, I decided that this year, my #oneword will be Raise.

My "raise the bar" necklace.

My “raise the bar” necklace.

…Others up.
…My voice and words.
…Two strong girls.
…My hand.
…My glass.
…The bar.

So that is my focus for the year: to raise things in a positive direction. Whether it is celebrating a friend’s accomplishment, sponsoring young professionals, helping my children become their best selves, or challenging the status quo, I look forward to what the next year brings. I hope 2014 raises you up.

You can see how I remind myself to raise it up on Pinterest.

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