What’s Your One Word?

As part of the refresh that the new year begins, many in the #sachat and #wlsalt communities (and beyond) have chosen to forego resolutions and instead, choose one word that will guide their 2012.

Last year, I made a small attempt to collect the choices that people made for #oneword2011. This year, in trying to live my one word of Push and with a little help from a hashtag and a late-to-the-game Google doc, I have collected the choices of 200 people. This makes me ridiculously happy, which I think fits in my monthly theme of Positivity. So, in order to push some positivity, here are your #oneword2012 choices:

What an amazing collection of hopes and plans for the new year. You all inspire me, and I look forward to how your #oneword2012 choices will guide your throughout the year. Keep us posted!

If by chance I missed your word choice (and perhaps a related blog post), please add to the Google Doc. 

11 thoughts on “What’s Your One Word?

  1. Thank you so much for collecting and sharing this list Niki! It’s a great way to connect with others who have your word. As part of my plan to Celebrate this year, it gives me a reference point of blogs, cards, videos, and quotes that might be helpful to people (based on their one word choices). Thanks for pushing us 🙂

  2. Niki, what a vibrant & creative way to showcase all of the words! Thank you for putting this together. I am tempted to print this image as the back of a post card and use it as thank you notes to the outstanding members of our profession and #oneword2012 community who contribute so much…. I think your creativity & positivity is rubbing off!

  3. Very awesome! I printed it to hang in my office– I enjoy seeing all the words that were selected. It reminds me every day to find ways to support and challenge others to reach their goals. And I LOVE that someone chose “Shipoopi” as their word– it makes me smile and hear the song in my head 🙂 Thanks for doing this!

  4. I have printed your words and have it hanging on my buletin board and a copy in my briefcase – I love it – so simple and all teh words just roll of your lips as you read through them – POSITIVITY (positvely) the greatest non resolution I have seen!

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