Mix Tape

#Reverbbroads11 prompt for Day 29: What was the soundtrack of your year? Of your life? Which songs most strongly represent the various eras of your life? What songs were playing for the most crucial, formative moments of your life? Or, if the chronological approach doesn’t work for you, which songs best capture the different facets of your life? (Childhood, Love Life, Adulthood, Loss, Growth, Career, Happiness, Sadness, etc.)  Please elaborate. (from Bethany/Katie)

This is probably the most difficult post for me to do. I like too many songs. I fall in love with too many lyrics. But let me see if I can pull together an appropriate mix tape (yeah, I’m going to admit to sitting by the radio during the Top 40 to record popular songs). Let’s see if I can do this…

1. Best Friends by Frances England: Much of my childhood involved my best friend, Kelly Jones. I did everything with her. Every New Year’s Eve, I am reminded of how many sleepovers we had at each other’s houses to watch the ball drop.

2. Bad Day by Barenaked Ladies: My parents divorced when I was 10, and this song pretty much sums up my mood during that time.

3. Day by Day from Godspell: This covers most of high school. First, I was in show choir with friends I have to this day, and I loved (and still love) Broadway. Second, this was also when I was a born again Christian, and my faith was a guiding force. And third, it was high school, and we were all just trying to get through it.

4. Power of Two by the Indigo Girls: College. It’s where I met Brent. It’s where I took a lot of road trips with Brent and our close circle of friends. It was a time when “five miles out of the city limit we’re singing…”

5. I Alone by Live: This covers much of the years between college graduation and moving back to Michigan. Long distance relationships sucked, and this song’s angst worked for that. Although, I met some incredibly wonderful friends during that time that kept my life rocking.

6. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Jewel: I couldn’t resist, and I was happy to take Brent’s name when we were married. If you saw my Christmas photos from this year, you know I’ve had fun with it. (Also, this is one of my favorite versions of the song.)

7. Welcome to This World by Renee & Jeremy: This is where I really get into the children’s music, since this is where my first daughter enters the picture. She was a surprise in the fact that I was dead-set that I was going to have boys (since I had 4 brothers, and many boy cousins). She has surprised me every day since and has treated “each moment like a prize.”

8. Family Tree by Frances England: We grew by one. And she was quite the one, and has been a stubborn, hilarious, and precocious additional “branch to our family tree.” It also really summarizes what an amazing big sister my oldest has been.

9. Fast Train to Grandma’s by Frances England: Yes, I really like Frances England, but this song also really reminds me of my wonderful grandmother, Gramma Mimsy or Grimsy, whom we lost in 2009. She was an over the river and through the woods grandma, since she lived in upstate NY. She was always so much fun.

9. Jungle Gym by Jack Johnson: There hasn’t been a weather-accommodating weekend in our life with kids that has not included a trip to the playground. A penny for each “Can we go to a park?” would make me wealthy. (Also, Jack is one of the best concerts I have been to.)

10. Firework by Katy Perry: I do enjoy the lyrics to this song, since they seem to encapsulate my hopes for my girls. But mostly, I chose this song because my youngest asks for it to be played three or fours time in one 15 minute commute to daycare.

I could go on and on, but I will just hop back on iTunes and think about all the ones I should have included.

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