A Huffy Dirt Bike and The Stomach Flu

#Reverbbroads11 prompt for Day 24: Name your top 5 best holiday gifts given or received. Who gave it to you? Who were you giving it to? Why was it memorable? (from Kassie)

Christmas of 1982 found me struck with the stomach flu. Not the happy holidays I was expecting. So with a mixing bowl and a cup of Vernor’s ginger ale by my side, I mustered through the excitement and gift opening of that day with several cousins, aunts, and uncles in our house.

That was the year that I received my pink, Huffy dirt bike. I have a picture of me in my nightgown standing next to the bike, looking greener than the Christmas tree. As sick as I was, I was still excited about that bike. I think my father was thankful I didn’t want a froo-froo, tassel covered bike. Pink was pretty standard for any girls’ item back then, but I loved it. It stayed out at our cabin for many years after I outgrew it – we jumped roots on the dirt roads out there for years to come.

As four other gifts I can remember, I’m at a loss. I don’t remember many gifts, given or received. I remember memories. I remember driving through the night from Soo, Michigan through Canada, to the Adirondacks in New York to be with the entire family at my grandparents’ home.

I remember our Christmas celebrations in New York being crashed regularly by college friends of my mom and aunts. I remember having our Peppler Christmas in the family lighthouse and daring each other to go up in tower  and face the risk of bats.

I remember my grandfather’s many slideshows of the various trips they went on.

Christmas should be fun, and all of my memories of it were definitely fun gifts.

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