Just Call Me Coach

#Reverbbroads11 prompt for today: If you could have any job, what would it be? Dana

Perhaps it’s not a surprise that I am a big hockey fan. Growing up in the U.P. of Michigan, we played hockey in our iced over alley. I went to LSSU‘s games every weekend, many of the college players were “foster kids” in our over Thanksgiving and other holidays. And I proudly wear my Yzerman hockey sweater during any Detroit Red Wings’ game.

I like hockey.

So, when I say that I would love to be a hockey coach, much of it comes from a love for the game.

However, my desire to be a coach is more than just an impulse (like screaming “pull the goalie!”). I love the strategy. Perhaps since my #1 strength is Strategic, I am fascinated by reading the other team and selecting plays. And with my #2 strength of Maximizer, I love finding the right people for the job, maximizing each one’s talents as part of the team.

I love hockey, but I love the idea of aiding a team in a win even more.

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