Day 21 of #reverbbroads11, and today’s prompt is: If you returned (or went, if you’ve never been) to college to study anything you want, what would you major in, and why? (from Matt)

Without intending to, I answered this question in my first #reverbbroads11 post. And twenty days later, I still agree that I would have gone with Economics. It feeds everything. It drives so many decisions, and I wish I had a better handle on it. As a college administrator, I regularly check out what EC courses are offered each semester, since I am tempted to audit the course.

However, I am with Emily on this one. I am trying to revise/edit/FINISH this dissertation thingey. It’s been a huge part of my life for too long. Neither of my children know her mommy as a non-student. When I finish that, I am going to enjoy reading a journal article for the sake of reading a journal article, not for its ultimate value to my conceptual framework. Or maybe I will just do a Sudoku.

2 thoughts on “Overeducated

  1. Let’s make a pact…no journal articles for 12 months after we finish. Sudoku even sounds too challenging. 😉

    You can do it! Power through…let whatever you’re doing be good enough (doesn’t have to be perfect)…close your eyes and imagine being done. We can do it! 🙂

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