If you are following along at home, we are on Day 20 of #reverbbroads11. Today’s prompt is: Who would you most like to meet and why? (from Dana)

Like most, I could probably make a list of famous people I would like to have dinner with: Amelia Earhart, Hemingway and his cats, Sandra Day O’Conner, Pauley Perrette (yes, I am including her because she is ridiculously kind and positive, and Abby from NCIS rocks).

As much as conversations with those people would be incredibly interesting, the people I would really like to meet are many of the friends I have made through the #SAchat community whom I haven’t had the chance of meeting yet. I have had the pleasure of meeting many through conferences and random run-ins, but there are so many more with whom I would love to shake hands – oh, who am I kidding – SAchatters hug upon meeting.

Many of these people have been confidants, colleague, and co-conspirators*. I have inside jokes with many, and I have yet to hear their voices. Such phenomenal student affairs professionals, with such a willingness to teach, learn, and converse. Meeting these people is not just about a wonderful conversation, but about building long-term relationships.

I am so grateful for those whom I have met, and looking forward to the many I hope to cross paths with in 2012.

*Yes, I am a big fan of alliteration.

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