Give Locally. Give Globally.

Taking on the challenge of Day 13 for #reverbbroads11. Today’s prompt is: Is volunteering something you do regularly? If yes where do you volunteer? If not, why not? From the fabulous Kassie.

The short answer? No, I don’t regularly volunteer, except for at my daughter’s school. At this point in my life, with two small children, and two of us working full-time and getting our PhDs, I am really good at donating. If they are a great organization and need something I have, have at it.

But I would love to tell you about my grandparents, who are the most giving and dedicated volunteers I have ever met. For as long as I can remember, they have been volunteering, My grandpa, Daddy Paul, is a retired minister, and at almost 92, is exhausting me in his energy. We lost my grandmother, Gramma Mimsy, early in 2010, but I hope to be like both of them soon.

  • When Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992, they joined the crews for Habitat for Humanity to rebuild houses. It became such a regular thing, that they bought a trailer in Homestead, FL, to spend their winters there to help rebuild homes.
  • They have volunteered for Heifer Project International for years, spending many summers working at the HPI farm in Arkansas. Our Christmas gifts have been goats, and oxen, and a few arks. Many of us in our family have continued that tradition of giving, and one of my cousins has worked on the farm.
  • While on an Alaskan Cruise about 10 years ago, my grandparents stopped in Sitka, AK, and learned about Sheldon Jackson College. They decided to stay for 6 months and volunteer at the campus.

These are some of the bigger ones I remember. I know that Daddy Paul was in Honduras building houses with Habitat. I know that they both have/had volunteered at their retirement community. I know they have given countless hours to the churches they have been members of. Oh, and Daddy Paul volunteered as a docent at the Eisenhower Farm near Gettysburg (his current home). He bikes the 10 miles to the farm to volunteer.

Yep, I wanna be like them.

6 thoughts on “Give Locally. Give Globally.

  1. Helping at your kids’ school IS volunteering! Schools need outside help, and they can’t pay for it, so when you help at the school, you’re making your community a better place. If that’s not charitable, I don’t know what is. 🙂

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