The prompt for today’s #reverbbroads11 is from Catie: What are three things you are better at than most people?

There’s something about that question that takes me back to the school playground with “I’m better than you are” and sticking a tongue out (hence the title). But I can see where this could be a fun post. So here are my three achievements in exceeding mediocrity:

1. I can make chocolate chip cookies better than most.  I tend to be rather picky about my chocolate chip cookies, and I have run into too many recently that are flat and hard or too grainy and sugary. I have experimented a long time to perfect these (to my own taste, to be sure), so I can hold my own in the chocolate chip cookie department.

2. I can defuse a tense situation better than most. If you were to compare me to the majority of the #sachat community, I don’t know how I would fare, since most of my skill comes from working as a hall director. However, I am quite adept at calming down a stressed out student, bringing a war with words down to a dull disagreement, and tempering an outraged person at my office door. I just wish those skills worked better with my three-year old.

3. I can get more flies with honey better than most. When I was about 22, I was to fly from Rochester, NY, to someplace in Missouri (I think?) for a job interview. I was to fly in the night before, interview all day and fly back the next evening. Rochester, NY has a tornado/thunderstorm season, if you didn’t know. My evening flight was cancelled as we were sitting in the terminal. Directed to the counter to re-book, I followed the most irate and verbally violent people. Passenger after passenger spit venom at the counter attendant. When it was my turn, I leaned over the counter and asked the attendant to take a deep breath. I told her the weather wasn’t her fault, and I wasn’t going to yell. I told her I had an interview the next day, so the earliest she could get me out would be greatly appreciated. She got me on the first flight, and when she handed me my ticket, I saw that she put me in first class. (I will save my story of being the only female and only person under 30 in first class for a different time.) She may have put most of the people in first class, but I like to think that I didn’t demand it – I earned it.

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