Diane’s Daughter and Granddaughter

It’s Day 11, and I am still blogging along with the great folks at #reverbbroads11. Today’s prompt, we are answering: How are you like your mother? And if you’re a mother, how is/are your kid(s) like you? (from Jessica. http://profbanks.com)

If you were to ask my brother, I am EXACTLY like my mother. If by planner, organized, and diligent until a deadline (aka Type A), then yes, I am exactly like my mother. And my oldest has inherited those traits as well.

If by dark hair and hazel eyes, then…well, I will let you be the judge:

There is a reason my close friend calls my daughter MiniMe.

What I enjoy most about having conversations with both my mother and my seven year-old is that they get my perspective on many things. They understand why I am frustrated that something isn’t right or what that small detail might be important. They had already noticed it, too. But each of us has our own way to go with the flow, and I find that entertaining as well.

What all three of us have in common is a desire to get it right and a frustration when it’s not. A genuine love of family. And a penchant for being goofy. But I will let MiniMe be the proof of that.

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