They Called Him Peps

In a month-long challenge to blog, I am responding to #reverbbroads11 prompt today from Dana ( What is the best and/or worst thing about your life right now?

My normal mode of operation is to go for the silly. However, my response for today is definitely a reflection on my current context.

Today, I am saying goodbye to my grandfather.

So, assuming the scheduler for a post works how I think it should, this post will go live during visitation hours on Saturday. Here is my love/hate relationship with today:

The worst part is I have to say goodbye to my grandfather today. The worst part is I won’t be able to debate with him about politics. I won’t hear him ask me if I am president yet. The worst part is that I will hold my grandmother’s hand and hope above all hopes that she will be OK in this new role as a widow. The worst part is that I have no idea how to comfort my dad, so I am praying hugs are enough.

The best part is that my grandfather had 85 years of a life. The best part is that I had 37 years with a wonderful grandfather. The best part is that I am surrounded by family who loves the man who was such a big part in our family. The best part is I have record of many of his memories through his memoirs as a reporter and in the SeaBees. The best part is that the entire family was just with him for Thanksgiving. The best part is that though his body was failing, I had my grandfather, sarcasm and all, until the very end.

William D. Peppler, Sr

Grandpa Pep, thank you for so much, For teaching me how to debate with evidence, not emotion. For starting a legacy at Ohio Northern that my parents and I would follow. For always answering the phone to talk with me for a few minutes before saying, “Let me go get your grandmother.” You were an amazingly interesting guy, and I will miss you.

I love you.

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