If anything, I belong on IFC

As part of a month-long blog challenge, I am responding to prompts from #reverbbroads11. Day 4: In the movie version of your life, which actor/actress would play you and the significant players in your life? What kind of movie is it (e.g., made-for-TV, action, emo/indie, etc.)? What would be the major plot points, and how will it end?

I am truly struggling with this prompt. My life would never be found in a movie. This isn’t self-deprecating; this is reality. My life is primarily devoid of drama. I’m not a magnet for drama, and I am rarely a producer of it.

I have great relationships with both of my parents, even though they didn’t have a great one between them. However, being a kid of divorce doesn’t really make me dysfunctional in this day and age – it makes me pretty run of the mill. Both of my parents have found wonderful partners, whom I love as if they were my blood. I went to college and met my husband. Hell, I even have a white picket fence.

Never would I ever call my life boring, since it is filled with wonderful family and amazing friends. I love what I do, and I always look forward to what’s next. I have moments that are busier than others, but rarely would I call myself stressed out. The world keeps spinning, so I am often to see the problem as survivable.

If anything, my life is about the incredibly telling conversations I have had with people. My husband and I attended a college which still had visitation hours. If you wanted to talk, your options were the public lounge, the phone, or walking around campus. We were campus walkers. We spent two and half years of our college life walking campus, learning almost everything about each other. When graduation came, we embarked on a three year long distance relationship, maintained mostly by phone (pre-Skype and social media for you youngins).

If there is any movie that comes close to my unscriptable life, it would have to be Before Sunrise, a story of two people getting to know each other. However, in the end they part ways:

The difference between that movie and my life is that I get the happy ending. Even on the most awkward and trying of days, I get the happy ending. After all…

Everything has a happy ending. If it’s not happy, it’s not the end.  -author unknown

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