When I first heard of the challenge to define a resolution for 2011 in one word (courteous of some of the great women of #sachat), I didn’t have to think very long. In fact, the word came to me as if I had already spoken it. Next.

And then I laughed. It sounded like such an impatient word, as though I am hurrying into something else without enjoying the now. Truth be told, I am actually a pretty laid back person. I find it easier to simplify than worry, but there is something about 2011 that reminds me of when President Bartlett, in The West Wing, tells Josh Lyman, “When I ask ‘What’s Next?’ it means I’m ready to move on to other things. So, what’s next?”

2011 may very well be a year of great change for me and my family. In considering William Bridges’ model of Transitions, I may very well see many Endings, Neutral Zones, and Beginnings during this year. That excites me. That gives me energy that I haven’t felt in a while, toward my profession and myself.

I am going to enjoy revisiting this post in December 2011 and check my accuracy. Am I in the same role? Am I returning to my hobbies after becoming Dr. Rudolph? Am I even living in the same state?

I am blessed to be sharing 2011 with an amazing partner, who is ready to see what’s next with me. It is because of Brent and my two beautiful girls that I am facing the next with excitement, not trepidation. Next is possibility and potential. Next is what could be, and 2011 could be amazing!

10 thoughts on “Next

  1. in awe ….impressed & inspired with every interaction. Your next will be fantastic because you already have what really counts and you will make what’s next… extraordinary!


  2. Niki, what a great word. It makes one look forward, not in an impatient way, but in an expectant way. Looking for opportunities and surprises. I’ll enjoy sharing the journey. 🙂

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