Creating Partnerships without Borders

In the past few weeks, I have connecting with almost 100 new colleagues in student affairs across the country. Now, for attendance at a national conference, that would be an amazing feat of networking, but I was not able to attend NASPA this year, much to my disappointment. I happened upon #SAchat, a hashtag used on Twitter to connect student affairs professionals in a weekly chat. Then I began following other student affairs on Twitter, and so on, and so on.

But then I was reading the Joint Task Force on the Future of the Profession’s final report. For those of you student affairs professionals that have been living under a rock, NASPA and ACPA have begun discussing a merger of the two organizations. Personally, I think it is a wise move in a profession of constantly strapped resources and a role model for collaboration. What struck me about the final report was this notion of partnerships without borders.

I connected with almost 100 colleagues (and growing, every time I check Twitter) from my couch. I have shared ideas with them about student development theory, assessment, being a working mom, and even some tricks on SurveyMonkey. I don’t say this to dismiss the value of conferences (which I will be returning to after my data collection), but I am slightly in awe of the connections that can be made and how community is being redefined by the connections made with technology.

I am sure there were several programs at NASPA discussing this. I probably missed the tweets covering it.

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